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At Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. we offer two different classes for Hoisting & Rigging. The first class is a quick, four hour refresher course for people who have already completed this training. The second variety of the Hoisting & Rigging training is the full eight-hour course for people new to the concepts. This class will cover basic crane operation and safety measures when working with cranes. The class will also discuss different rope materials and riggings that are commonly used on construction sites. The class will cover different ways to calculate the ability for a crane to lift a load, as well as how to properly weight and load a weight onto a crane or rigging. In both the refresher course and the full training course, we will go over the principles and points of inspection.


Forklifts are commonly used on job sites and construction sites. These vehicles are an excellent and efficient way to safely move large and heavy loads from one place to another. Our Forklift Training class is one of our most popular classes because of the prevalence of forklifts in the construction industry. The Forklift Training class offered by Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. will cover the appropriate use of the forklift. This includes operating the forklift in both the forward and the reverse direction. We will also cover the various parts of the forklift and basic maintenance and imprecation of the machine. One of the most important topics we cover in this class is how to properly load and weight a forklift. If improperly loaded, forklifts can easily tip over resulting in injury or death.

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