Free Safety Talks: Episode 2 - Who Needs Working at Heights?

It's not law and it's not required, but certainly, a great idea is to have everybody's working at heights record of training.

Most companies have already adopted a policy of, "if you're going to be working at heights on our construction site, you must be trained in working at heights". That training has to be by a recognized training provider, recognized by the CPO, or chief prevention officer from the Ministry of Labour.

That record of training should be readily available upon request.

So, I would get it for everybody that's going to be on your project. It doesn't matter whether you're installing flooring or whether you're actually doing roofing, everybody needs to be trained in working at heights.

Some of the other things that you may require on site are going to be specific to your company, and your companies needs. Certainly in today's markets, at the moment as I'm recording this, policies on COVID-19 or Corona virus are going to have to be in place.

What are the steps? When do I need to wear a mask? How do we maintain social distancing? All of these policies should be clearly posted and readily available to all the workers that are going to be there.

So thanks very much, if you have any questions, you can submit them to us at Send them by e-mail and we can answer as quickly as possible, or give us a call, and join us for our next safety talk!

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Thank you, and have a safe day!

-The Build With Safety Team


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