Propane Heat and Natural Gas Training

Complete Propane Heat and Natural Gas Training

Many construction sites commonly have propane heat onsite. This can be used for a number of reasons, but if handled improperly can become dangerous. The team at Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. offers a class to cover the basics needed for Propane Heat and Natural Gas training. As part of this class, students will be able to learn about legal requirements, as well as safe practices to use while on the job site. Further, we teach students how to assess the hazards of a job site, and to understand the regulations in place. Students in this class have the opportunity to have a theory portion of the class as well as a hands on training. Part of the hands on training will include allowing the students to connect and disconnect various propane heating elements. Similarly, our Natural Gas training offers the same theory and practice for students. The only difference is that this class will focus on natural gas instead of propane.


In any jobsite there are plenty of crew members moving about and performing different job functions. As a supervisor, there is a great deal of reasonability to ensure that not only the project is completed timely and efficiently, but that everyone on the site remains safe. Our Basics of Supervising course is a popular course for project managers and foreman to take. This class helps workers understand the regulations associated with various work settings, but also how to better communicate and motivate the team. Proper communication is key for workplace safety. Further, this class will cover the basics of an investigation following an accident, as well as how to deal with a potential workplace fatality. The team at Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. understands that leadership comes from above, and we want to ensure your supervisors are trained and professional.

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