The Occupational Health and Safety Act and how it applies to scaffolding safety training

Dive right into useful information as we discuss scaffolding safety training. We'll explore the process of knowing the rules of scaffolding, to building it, using it, protecting yourself while on it, and taking it down again. We got you covered whether you're doing the whole course or just the refresher!

How to put up and take down scaffolding

When erecting scaffolding, there are many things to be aware of. A common problem is being able to provide a work platform when installing the next lift of scaffold. We go over many situations like that, inspired by our own expert safety consultants, who have acquired on-the-job experience over the years. Our trainers will discuss all elements of putting up and taking down scaffolding. By sharing common issues when using scaffold not taught anywhere else, we'll be leaving you with a foundation of knowledge to carry with you onto your next project.

Different variations of scaffolding safety training


Just because each situation is unique to each job site, we go over a few scenarios and encourage you to speak with us about your work site needs. For example, if you're working on something that requires the standard tubular frame or the standard walk-through frame, let us know so we can focus on that system for you. We'll cover the following scaffolding systems for your convenience:

  1. Standard Tubular Frame Scaffold

  2. Standard Walk-through Frame Scaffold

  3. Rolling Scaffold

  4. Crank up to Tower Scaffold

  5. Fold-Up Scaffold Frames

  6. Adjustable Scaffold (Baker Scaffold)

  7. Castor with Locking Device

Material used for hoisting, fall protection, and the frame fitting accessories

We'll go over Tube and Clamp scaffolds, base plates and screw jacks, bracing, rosette style scaffolding, and everything involved in the foundation and support of building a safe scaffold system. Beyond that, learners will discover scaffolding use and maintenance to learn typical loads and requirements.- especially when working with heavy loads! House keeping is also gravely important because if it's not done right, then no matter how safe you are being with your equipment - your environment could put you at risk of danger. Which is why we also talk about orderly work areas that are inspected regularly

Guard rails & ladders 

If there is a possibility that material could fall from one level to another, find out what to do with our scaffolding safety course. Your trainer will discuss options with you so that if you're ever in this situation of needing to install wooden posts or tube and clamp guardrails. A scaffold is equipped with either an internal stairway or ladder, and there are rules to follow for when to use which and how to install them. All that information is discussed inside our scaffold safety awareness course. We'll also talk about:

  1. Climbing Frames

  2. Portable Extension Ladders

  3. Stand-Off Vertical Ladders

  4. Scaffold Stairway Systems

Then, we'll end the course with a review of everything followed by a final evaluation. Once you pass, we'll have your record of training printed on a convenient wallet size card.

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