Construction Workplace Safety Training offers a popular service of site  safety audits and management.


This service is looking at your workplace strictly on a safety basis. Infractions of regulations may be addressed immediately or referred to the management for correction.


Your supervisory staff, while skilled and knowledgeable, have a great many things to look at and deal with in the course of their duties.


Unfortunately, simple problems can be overlooked and issues arise.


Our staff at Construction Workplace Safety training look specifically for problems and find solutions that can work. This will give a measure of “Due Diligence” to your firm.


On site documentation, signage, sub-trades qualifications, and safe work practices are part of the review.


A report is then sent to your company including the problems, the actions taken to correct, and any recommendations for future. Subsequent reports outline success’ and actions taken to prevent a re-occurrence.


Each audit is designed to meet the needs of your company and is not just a generic checklist.

Site Safety Management

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