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Many owners and managers will commonly search for training companies for organizations. Having a company come to their organization to perform training can not only save the organization valuable money, but can make the organization a safer place to work. A safe work environment benefits everyone at every level from the line workers to the owners of the company. Sadly, many accidents that happen on the job can be avoided. Most commonly, a training failure or lack of training can be blamed for the majority for workplace accidents. Not only do workplace accidents injure valued employees and workers, but can make operating costs rise exponentially with increased insurance costs. Employees that must take time off of work can cost the company money with downed production time and increased worker's compensation cases.


One of our most popular classes we offer at Construction Workplace Safety Train Ltd. is our heavy equipment training. Many companies and industries around the world rely on heavy equipment to make their company run smoothly and efficiently. As part of our training, we will cover the proper operating procedures for heavy equipment, including operating in reverse. We will cover common hazards associated with the machine, as well as typical safety protocol to ensure that all operators are handling the equipment appropriately. Our heavy equipment training will also teach users how to properly couple the equipment and load the machine correctly for stability. This is a very popular class and our public class offerings fill up very quickly.

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Our qualified trainers offer updated industry approved theory and practical hands on training. We provide industry standard testing, and provide same day certification.

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